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  • Dementia & Faith Resources

    dementia friendly stampThe number of people living with dementia is growing every year.  Around 2 in 5 people know someone close to them that is affected. 

    Welcome to the St Peter’s College Dementia Faith Network resource pages. By following the links below you will find a range of resources for churches, giving an overview of what dementia is, how to build dementia friendly churches and support the faith practices for people living with dementia and those journeying with them. The resources are intended for those in ministry as well as those directly affected in some capacity by dementia. To access the information just follow the links below.

    The St Peter’s College Dementia Faith Network is an ecumenical group, open to everyone with an interest in dementia and faith. There are many things that churches can do to support those affected by dementia and we can all learn from one another.

    By joining the network you will also be able to access the Chat Room and add to the discussion.

    If you would like more information please contact: Dr Gemma Graham (
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